Guatemala Pastors

Pastor Chuta


Guatemala Pastors need our prayers.
They preach a church service 7 days a week and they do it year round 24/7
We find each church being built and structured right there at each of their homes. All being differently built and unique in it's own way. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Through out the days they go out door to door daily to homes, hospitals, and businesses to pray and help anyone in need and pull together just to see things through. They do not receive a pay check, they do it out of pure Love for ALL others. No vacations or trips to be taken, just doing the Kingdom works for their communities daily. WoW what a blessing it is to serve beside such living examples of the true Works and Love of Jesus Christ. The pastors get together to pray, help and to encourage each other regularly. You can find the women of the communities gathered together in group prayer while the local pastor is out. They depend on God 100% for ALL their needs every day moment to moment. If they do not get a meal today they see it as a time of fasting and prayer. Even the young children preach, lead worship, play instruments, and sing. This is how they are raised. We could learn so much from them, yet, they look up to us. It truly is very humbling to be a part of their daily kingdom works here in Guatamala.
We should never be tired of being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ or need a break from helping out in our communities. Come together in unity as one and being a blessing to many